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I'm a mural artist, painter, designer, and illustrator from the Tampa Bay area.

My mission is to bring color and inspiration everywhere I can. I work in a bright, vibrant style with colors that pop and make others look twice. 


To date, I've created dozens of colorful, eye-catching murals for businesses and individuals that have a knack for engaging people in their communities.


I believe art should be accessible to everyone - I am an ally and advocate for diversity in all areas of life, and it is my pleasure to serve and inspire as many communities as I can.


I'm originally from Lima, Peru, where I spent most of my childhood.

Like most kids at the time, I loved comic books and superhero cartoons, and I was drawn to that art style from very early on. That, combined with the vibrant culture of South America, inspires me to this day.

I attended Blake High School of the Performing Arts as a stagecraft major, where I learned set design, building, painting, and lighting. While there, I helped produce several major theatre productions and learned to use the tools that I now use to create works in a larger scale. I've always had a knack for maths, science, and technology, so after high school I went to the University of South Florida and earned a degree  in Computer Engineering. 

I'm an avid traveler, but my passion for street art comes from one fateful trip to New York City, where I fell in love with street art and its ability to bring life into otherwise under-served areas. I remember walking through the streets of Brooklyn and Queens and noticing how powerful public art can be in giving a community a sense of identity, and I want to do the same everywhere I go. 

After working several years in software, I decided to explore a more creative path, and thus, Nuclear Sky Art was born.

It's been a rough and wild ride, but every minute of it has been worth it. I've been able to inspire some, spark curiosity in others, and even help a community heal through my work. I look forward to serving more neighborhoods and reaching out to communities in a way that only creative expression can.

When not painting up a storm, you can normally find me having a beer at the ice rink with my hockey team, playing video games with friends, or watching the Tampa Bay Lightning game at a bar somewhere. 

A million thanks to everyone who supports my art, its purpose, and my mission. Your help goes a long way.

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