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I’m Skylar, a painter, muralist, and illustrator from the Tampa Bay area.

Growing up in large cities, I was always inspired by street art and urban style. I am drawn to bright, vibrant colours that pop and make people look twice.


I believe art should be accessible to everyone - I am an ally and advocate of diversity in all areas of life, and it is my pleasure to serve and inspire as many communities as I can. My goal is to bring colour and inspiration to every neighbourhood I get the chance to.

If you are interested in my work, please check out my portfolio above, and feel free to support me on any of my social media below. 

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I'm a muralist, painter, and illustrator from the Tampa Bay area.

I was born in Lima, Peru, where I spent most of my early childhood. Like most kids at the time, I loved comic books and superhero cartoons, and I was drawn to that art style from very early on. That, combined with the vibrant culture of South America, inspires me to this day.


When I was 12 years old, my family moved to Los Angeles, where I started to fall in love with urban and city life. I took in many sights and sounds both in the city and the valley that I will never forget. Several years later, my family took a long road trip along the southern states and settled in Tampa, Florida.


I attended Blake High School of the Performing Arts as a stagecraft major, where I learned set design, building, painting, and lighting. During my time there, I helped produce several major theatre productions and learned to use the tools that I now use to create works in a larger scale. After high school, I explored my interests of mathematics, science, and technology by earning a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of South Florida. 

I've traveled to several cities, but one fateful trip to New York City made me fall in love with street art and its ability to bring life into otherwise under-served areas. I vividly remember walking through several areas in Brooklyn and Queens and noticing how powerful public art can be in giving a community a sense of identity, and I wanted to do the same for my own city someday. 

After working several years in the software field, I decided to explore my creative path, and thus, Nuclear Sky Art was born. It's been a rough and wild ride, but every minute of it has been worth it. I've been able to inspire, spark curiosity, and even help a community heal. I look forward to serving more neighbourhoods and reaching out to communities in a way that only creative expression can.

Outside of art, you can normally find me having a beer at the ice rink with my hockey team, playing video games online on my Twitch channel, playing board games with my friends, or watching the Tampa Bay Lightning game at a bar somewhere. 

A million thanks to everyone who supports my art, its purpose, and my mission. Your help goes a long way.