Thank you for your interest in my work! Let's cover what you need to know to make your art dreams come true.


First thing to note is that the artwork created for you is for personal use only. You may display it wherever you like – provided you credit me accordingly. The preferred method of credit is either a reference to my website or my artist name.

Also, please DO NOT re-sell or otherwise profit from my work. Unless otherwise specified, a commission piece from me should not be reproduced commercially, put on t-shirts for sale, or used in other merchandise of any kind. For commissions intended for commercial use (t-shirts, stickers, etc), please contact me for pricing and arrangements.

Illustrations: These are pieces created digitally. Whether it's re-creating a fictional character, a stylized portrait, or a completely new idea altogether, you'll get a colorful and vibrant result. They will be delivered to you digitally via email. Prices range between $50 and $200 depending on complexity and size.

Paintings: These are pieces done mainly on canvas with acrylic and spray paint. Pricing for these is done on a case-by-case basis based on complexity and size. A deposit may be required depending on the project. Contact me for specific information.

I accept two types of non-mural commissions: standard and exclusive.

  • Standard commissions are artwork you would like me to create to bring your ideas to life. You will receive a full-size version of the piece, and I reserve the right to sell prints and other variants of it.

  • Exclusive commissions are artwork that only YOU will have – there will be no mass-reproductions, no prints sold, and no other commercial goods made from it. You will have the only physical copy of the piece. I will keep a digital copy for my portfolio that I will only use for promotional purposes, but I will never sell that piece again. This type of commission will cost more due to the privacy and exclusivity that comes with it.


Currently, I can only accept online payments through PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. Sorry! Any personal information you share with me for shipping and payment purposes will be kept confidential, and I expect the same courtesy from you.

Once a piece is completed, it is sold as is. No refunds will be issued after you receive the piece.


Here's how we make your mural happen:

  1. Fill out a form at the bottom of this page. Please make sure you use an email address where I can reliably reach you and include as much detail about your project as possible.

  2. I will ask more specific questions regarding the space/wall itself, then give you a rough estimate on how much the project may cost. This is a preliminary estimate – it will be adjusted once the design is finalized.

  3. A  $50 design fee is due before I start designing the mural. This is to make sure that if you change your mind about the project, I am still compensated for my time. I will keep you updated throughout the design process so we are on the same page. Once the design is completed and agreed upon, no changes may be made.

  4. I will email you an updated quote for the full cost of the project as well as an invoice for the deposit amount due. The deposit locks your mural down in my schedule.

  5. Once you pay the deposit, we will schedule painting arrangements. You will receive an email with instructions on preparing the wall/surface for painting.

  6. Fun times painting! If there are any unexpected expenses (extra materials/paint, etc), the amount will be added to your total bill.

  7. The remainder of the bill is due upon delivery of the completed mural

  8. Enjoy your colorful new mural!

​​Mural and street art projects are priced based on complexity and size. Most mural projects range between $5-10 per square foot. That being said, I can work with a range of budgets. Feel free to fill out a contact form to get a more specific estimate.

I require a deposit before painting, which is materials cost + half of labor costs. This deposit is non-refundable - it goes toward equipment and materials needed and secures your project in my schedule.

No warranty is included with the price of the mural. If touch ups are needed later down the road, you may commission me at my current rates to do so. It is your responsibility to make sure your wall(s) and/or surface(s) is clean and suitable for painting (no mold, termites, etc) before the project begins. If the mural deteriorates because of non-paint related issues, I will not be liable.

For more terms and information, please refer to my mural pricing page

***If driving more than 30 miles from Tampa, FL is required (each way), there will be a slight upcharge to make up the mileage travel. If traveling further is required, travel and any accommodations will be covered/provided by you (the client).

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Nuclear Sky

I’m Skylar, a mural artist, painter, and illustrator from the Tampa Bay area.

Growing up in large cities with a South American background, I'm always inspired by street art and urban style. I am drawn to bright, vibrant colors that pop and make people look twice.

If you are interested in my work, please check out my portfolio above, and feel free to support me on any of my social media below. 

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